Let's Starts

Here you can find some paid apps for free as well as a number of other apps
which have been discontinued from Google Play Store.
It is quite easy to install Aptoide on Android devices.
  • 1. Open the web browser on your Android device and navigate to the URL
    m.aptoide.com .

  • 2. Click on the Install button to download and install Aptoide from APK file.

  • 3. The Package Manager is launched to install the downloaded app. If you have alternative applications associated with application (.apk) files, a menu pops up asking you to select an app. Select Package Manager in this case.

  • 4. Now open up Aptoide App Store. You might be prompted to add a store (repository) to your collection. Go on and add a store if you like. (It is however not necessary).

  • 5. Tap on the Search icon on the top right corner. Type the name of the app and hit Enter.

  • 6. If you don’t see the desired app in the search results, tap on the Search More button. More results will be displayed in a browser page.

  • 7. Select the particular app. A dialog box appears prompting you to confirm the app installation. Click on OK.

  • 8. You will further be prompted to add the particular app repository which contained the searched app. Add it if you want to (not required).

  • 9. The Package Manager now installs the app. Finally, click OK to finish the installation.