How To Get Free Microsoft Free VPS For 24/7 (1 Months)

🚨How To Get Free Microsoft Free VPS For 24/7 (1 Months)🚨
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1. Make a cloud account here at

2. Create a Virtual Machine with Windows or Linux and make sure to select a low spect(2 cpus, 4gig ram etc) so your free credits last.

3. Once you've set up your specs and user/password, deploy the VM in cloud.

4. Once the VM has been created, go to the info menu and select the Connect option (RDP is the best option)

5. Wait for windows to load, start twitch on a browser and hop on a stream with "Drops"; select the lowest resolution possible and also remove the "Low Latency" option in the stream settings.

6. Check every couple of hours that your VM is still working properly.

7. After some time, you'll receive a key given that you have run that stream for a lot of hours. Ms will ask for your CC to verify this account and give you 170 $ worth of free credits for 31 days.After your trial ends, you can still use their "Always Free" services which are limited.
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