Method]CPI + Social Traffic - Newbie Guide with $0 Investment

[Method]CPI + Social Traffic - Newbie Guide with $0 Investment🔥🔥
How to Start:
-Landing Page
Ask some friend for a CC (Credit Card), you will not spend a cent, dont worry;
google ¨ amen .pt ¨ and pick 2 free domains .com with the credit card;
google some free hosting, install wordpress on it a set up your website;
Later on my Journey, i did put some ADs from ¨ ¨ on my website. I recommend to you to do it from the very start. With it, we can convert the lost traffic in BTC ( minimum payout is BTC 0.001 )
Here is the stats of my website ( i started from zero a lot of times to try new things ) :
Create at Last 2 Acc's on IG and pick cool names for them ( plz, don't use ¨iphone_give.away123¨ names like);
Go to ( it's free ) and create some good avatar and posts about iPhone Giveway
Use one account to post spam, and keep the other clean;
What i did was to redirect the traffic from the spam acc to the clean one;
The clean one got my website domain name;
Here is the text that i use on my post's:
iPhone 11 Pro Max Giveaway! How to Join? Follow ¨clean_acc_name¨ Like This Post Pick Your Entry Code at The Website on our Instagram Bio Wait until the Raffle (03/31) We will Pick 01 Code Winner, If you want more chances to win, Share This Post With Your Friends! Good Luck!
Im not having so much sucess at twitter, i suck at using it, but since i found my old acc ( 10 years old) i started to spam on it too;
Using only one acc, and almost the same post text from instagram;
Put your domain link at your bio and start the follow/unfollow thing;
Same Avatar from the Clean IG Acc;
Don't have so much to talk about it, i just created a channel with my domain name, downloaded a random video about iphone and put my watemark on it. Since i got no money to rank the videos, and dont know nothing about SEO, here was a new channel with 46 subscribers;
If you got skills on youtube, i think you can milk some money on it.
I did one account with Hot Girls on it, and on the comments i do some spam about the giveaway. Doesnt work good =p
TikTok is boring as f*ck. The algoritm keep deleting my videos with bikini girls (SFW) but allow other pages to spam girls twerking... WTF.
The result is a acc with:
11 videos / Following 27 / 683 Followers / 1847 Likes
-CPI Network
Pick one CPI network and register on it (OGAds / WOWTrk / CPABuild / CPAGrip / CPALead) I just use one of them, and will not try another until i get my first payment;
Create and configure a content locker;
Put it to redirect to a link after unlocked ( We will come back to this part, wait ).
-The Giveaway
This is how our LeGiTiMoUs GiVeaUaY's work:
The user need to follow you/ repost / retweet or whatever you want and then he need to do a ¨ Human Verification ¨ to pick a ¨ Entry Code ¨. The Human Verification Link is at your website ( With ADs if you want ).
Human Verification is your CPI offer, after doing it, we need to redirect him to the Code. Here is how you do it:
Create a new page on your domain and use this HTML / PHP Code:
<div class="intro-lead-in">Giveaway Code Is:</div> <div class="intro-heading text-uppercase"> <?php echo rand(1000,9999); ?></div> <div class="intro-lead-in">Don't Forget to fill our forms.</div> <a class="btn btn-primary btn-xl text-uppercase js-scroll-trigger" href= GOOGLE FORM'S LINK >Fill the Form With Your Code</a>
This code generate a random number between 1000-9999. There is a link on it that redirect to a Google Forms. Create you our forms asking for the Giveaway Code, Email and Country. With this you can build a Mail List. Check how my page look:
There's not WordPress on it, just raw PHP and HTML ( Only on this page ).
With the ¨ Code Thing ¨ our users will trust more on our method ( i think ). It will look more realistic.
I Think that's it.
This is a crappy method, but since i got no money, i could start with this. I think it's a good way to start from zero.
I plan to pick those 50 bucks and invest on other method, something more ¨ Moral ¨.
Maybe a blog... or a porn site... i dont know. If you got any tips, i will gladly accept that.
Thank you.
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