Kaspersky 1 Year Free Trick 2020

Kaspersky 1 Year Free Trick

Kaspersky 1 Year Free Trick 2020

1) Connect to Germany VPN.

2) Open Germany site of Kaspersky (.de extension).

3) Go to the payment page after selecting one year of the membership.

4) Select direct debit as an option.

Now you need mail, IBAN details, and fake human details for verification.

Get mail from gmx mail with .de extension.

Get IBAN and fake human details from fake-it.ws.

Type in those details, and you will get an option for putting your number to verify.

Verify using textnow US number available via an app on play store or app store.

Click on buy and done you will get a license key which you can use to activate it on your PC's or other devices depending on your needs.

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