Create Unlimited Paypal Verified Accounts

Create Unlimited Paypal Verified Accounts
 Handy Trick To Get Verified Paypal

  1. Sign up for a Canadian TD chequing account, but don’t
    enter a SIN number.
  2. Go through the process using made-up info, and TD will
    then say you have to visit a branch.
  3. Close that and then try to login to “Easyweb” using the
    credentials you just created. You can enter gibberish
    email, and gibberish phone number, you’ll never need
  4. Once you’re logged in, you’ll see your newly opened but
    “unactivated” account. Now add this bank to your newly
    created, unverified PayPal, and it will verify instantly.
  5. The names/addresses on the accounts don’t need to
    match, and one bank account will verify more than one
    PayPal account. Just remove it right after you link it.

Credits: I Only Have Owner BTC Address, I Don’t Own Any Ownership
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