Netflix spamming tutorial with me🔥

What things you need:-

-Netflix scampage

-Netflix Letter


-Mail List (Netflix only!)

-Netflix Checker

So lets begin,

firstly download all the tools are provided below:

Netflix scampage:-


Netflix latter:-




Netflix checker:-


After you downloaded all stuff above then go to website that provide free hosting like 000webhost or you can use your own cpanel or webshell in case you want webshell or cpanel contact me on my ICQ later will put it in the end of this tutorial🤕

Get your free hosting and upload netflix scampage to your host and then upload the mailer also....

after that go to that mailer and fill all as usual but change or something

Subject: Your account was onhold! / Your payment was declined! / Your subscription about to end!

be creative use your brain about that🙄

Then you can go copy all mail list and put it in mail list, oops i forgot something dont forget to edit scam page result so it will go to your mail, pick letter and put in your mailer also edit mailer to redirect to your scampage if you dont want netflix victim to be suspicious please add shortlink to your scampage not direct link recommended short link.Then you should wait 24 hours or maximum 3 days if your spam get into his inbox.IMPORTANT PART🥴lewse test the mailer and deliver to your email first if its go to inbox then you're good to spam😉

After getting your result to your mailbox then simply run the checker on your vps or rdp and check the account either valid or not!

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