How to set up a controller on the PC

 How to set up a controller on the PC

With game prices much more affordable, the only thing that could weigh against playing on the computer could be the lack of a controller. Fortunately this is not a problem, as there are thousands of joysticks to be used on the PC via USB connections or even Bluetooth. To prevent you from having any headaches when configuring your control on the PC, we have prepared a post that can guide you through this installation step by step, whatever your equipment.

Spoiler : the tips are only for Windows.

If you are reading this, it is a sign that something has gone wrong. Since we cannot know what your problem is in a specific way, we will put together a series of tutorials to help with your problem.

Generic USB Control

Step 1 : Click Start> Control Panel> Configure USB Game Controllers

Step 2 : Follow the step-by-step and test the operation of the control in the tool itself

Step 3 : If that doesn't work, look on the product's packaging for more information.

Reminder : you need to configure the control within the game you are going to play. He needs to recognize the joystick as a playable controller for you to use.

Configuring Console Controls on the PC

Plug-and-play functionality, where all you need is to connect a device and it is installed automatically, is wonderful when it works, but unfortunately that is not the case for console controls. But don't be afraid! Why are few things impossible to do on a PC when you want it so much? Luckily, the method of connecting this video game accessory to your computer is much easier than most people think. Take a look at how to configure your controller on the PC.

  1. XBOX 360

What will you need:

  • An XBOX control

  • A USB cable

  • Installation software, which can be obtained here.

Step 1 : Install the Xbox 360 Controller software for Windows. You may need to restart your computer after the installation is complete.

Step 2 : After installing the software, connect the USB connector of the wired Xbox 360 controller to one of the USB 2.0 ports on your computer.

Step 3 : Test the Xbox 360 wired controller on your computer by following these steps:

Start> Run> joy.cpl> Enter

Select  Xbox 360 Controller  and click  Properties . Press a button, pull a trigger or move a lever to test. If the control is working well, you will see the corresponding action light up in the application. If the app doesn't recognize the controller, see Troubleshoot your Xbox 360 controller for Windows .

  1. Ps4



What will you need:

  • PS4 Controller

  • A special USB cable like CronusMAX or the DS4 Windows application 

With the cable

What this type of USB does is to trick your Windows, making the system believe that the PS4 controller is actually an Xbox controller, which has full native support offered by Microsoft. 

There are several models available today, the most well-known and popular being definitely the CronusMAX, you can download the free version of Cronusmax from Lisanilssonart. The only problem is that even in the United States, this type of device is fine. However, with the device in hand, there is not much secret, just connect the USB on the controller and the PC and start playing!

With the program

With DS4 you also trick your PC into believing that your PlayStation 4 controller is an Xbox controller.

Step 1: Download, unzip the file and run.

Step 2: If you are using Windows 10 or Windows 8, choose the option “Install the DS4 driver”, if it is an older version of the system, choose the option “Install 360 driver”.

Step 3: Connect your controller to the PC via a USB cable. Once you do, it should be ready to use and properly configured.

Step 4: Open the “Profiles” window in DS4 Windows to see the configuration of the buttons and if you prefer to change anything.









  1. Playstation 3

What will you need:

- DualShock3 + USB cable

-MotionInJoy driver

-Better DS3 program

Step 1 : Install the drivers on the system by running Motion Joy as an administrator , which has the DualShock 3 control icon.

Step 2 : After completing the installation, the system will ask if you want to open the DS3 Tool program. Click Yes.

Step 3 : When you open the program, you will see that there is no control connected. Plug the DualShock 3 into the computer using the microUSB-USB cable. Then click on the “Driver Manager” option on the top menu of the DS3 Tool.

Step 4 : The next screen will inform you that there is hardware connected to the USB port, but the icon will show that it is not yet functional - a red X in the MotionJoy column. Sometimes the program may take a while to show the connected control. If it does, try removing and putting the controller back in the USB port, or restarting the DS3 Tool. After the device appears, select it and click on “Load driver”. The "Install all" button also works, not requiring you to select which device you want to use, as it will install the drivers for all connected hardware.

Step 5 : The first time it is configured, the Windows security system will ask if you really want to install the device. Click "Install".

Step 6 : After installation, the DS3 Tool will have already recognized the control with the Motionjoy drivers, confirming the success of the operation.

Step 7 : Go back to the home screen by clicking on “Profiles” in the top menu. Now it appears that there is a “Dualshock 3 / sixaxis” control connected. To test, click on “Vibration Testing”, which will make your control vibrate, giving the first signs of life.

Step 8 : Select the Xbox 360 controller emulation mode, and then click on the “Game Controller Panel” button to test whether the buttons are working.

Step 9 : A small window will open, showing that the status of the “MotionJoy Virtual Game Controller” is OK. Click properties .

Step 10:  Press the buttons to check if they are being recognized. Each button pressed illuminates a “light” indicating that it is working. The choice of emulating an Xbox 360 controller is to allow the use of analog joysticks. If you want, you can also use the DS3 as a control for the Playstation 1 (without the analog sticks), just change the joystick mode in the home menu (“Profiles”).

Ready! Your control is already functional. To test, open any game that uses the Xbox 360 controller (Steam signals these games) and your DualShock 3 can be used as a controller. But remember to keep the DS3 Tool program open for the control to work.

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