Get Verified PayPal , And Create Multiple Accounts (No Limit)

Get Verified PayPal , And Create Multiple Accounts (No Limit)

Get Verified PayPal , And Create Multiple Accounts (No Limit)

How to create a PayPal stealth Account

Download a VPN. You need a VPN that is only for you, thus no NordVPN or shit. Use something like IPBurger to get a dedicated VPN (Or just google this)

Use a Website like to get a fake Address

Get a new Phone Number. Either buy a Prepaid Sim in a shop for $10 or use any other service like TextMe.

Get a Prepaid/Virtual Credit Card. I always used SecondEye for this, its $15 for a VCC, but its really worth it to make fake bank statements in case your PP gets limited/locked.

Use another Browser than you use for your normal PayPal. Alternatively create another User on your PC or use a VPS/RDP.

If your account somehow gets locked because you where to stupid to follow this guide, use SecondEye to create a fake credit card statement or an bank statement. Can also create Fake IDs/Passports there, just print them out and make a Picture for PayPal.

How avoid limiting

Really don't use a public VPN NordVPN or some shit. Other People that use the same server and get banned by PayPal with be linked to your account if you do.

Always use a different Identity for each account (Different name, phone number, IP, Email, Address etc)

For at least a week, don't receive over $100 bucks to get the account "warm".

Best to receive money as Friends and Family. Goods and Service are a risk to get limited.

Never use the same Browser/PC for a Profile. PayPal stores data in the cache and as cookies, which would fuck up all accounts.

Your account will be limited for sure if you receive above 1,5k. Use SecondEye for the Bank statements and stuff, or just use another account.

Enjoy !!!

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