Password list generator

Password list generator

Password list generator

đŸ‘¿Salam, bandits. People often include personal information in their passwords, which can often be found on accounts, social networks, for 


* Their own name or the name of a family member 

* Name of their pet 

* Their date of birth 

* Words related to their hobbies 

* Part of their home address 

* The name of their favorite book or movie 

* Celebrity names The following program is a password generator based on the above criteria, and can be used in penetration testing and forensic research to crack passwords.



1. Install python and git pkg install git python 

2. Clone the program folder git clone 

3. Go to this folder cd PasswordListGenerator 

4. Run the program python After filling in the proposed fields, passwords will be saved to a text file wordlist.txt ✌️

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