Web Hack Tool Links

Web Hack Tool Links

Web Hack Tool Links

❇️ WordPress admin finder 

❇️ Smb scanner tool 

❇️ Heart Bleed scanner 

❇️ weevely php web shell

❇️ Webponized web shell

❇️ Nikto web scanner tool

❇️ Auto Ip or domain Attacking Tool 

❇️ Click jacking vulnerability scanner 

❇️ All in 1 information gathering and web penetration tool DTect

❇️ Detect phishing URL 

❇️ Dos attack tool - Golden eye

❇️ Dos attack with hulk

❇️ Sql vulnerability scanner 

❇️ hack website with sqlmap

❇️ information and vulnerability scanner with striker 

❇️ web server attacking tool with dost 

❇️ advanced multithreaded admin panel finder 

❇️ Ssl vulnerability scanner 

❇️ sublister - Subdomain enumeration

❇️ WordPress vulnerability scanner and attacker

❇️ Hunner scanner framework

❇️ Red hawk all in 1 information gathering and scanning tool

❇️ Dos attack tool with Xerxes

❇️ social fish phishing tool 

❇️ weeman phishing tool no root 

❇️ WordPress security scanner Wpseku 

❇️ IDN homograph attack tool

❇️ Detect security flaws with CMS 

❇️ Fire crack , admin, finders,  deface, bing dorking etc 

❇️ Pish web tool

❇️ MITM attack tool 

❇️ kill shot pentesting framework

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